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Федерация Бухгалтеров Узбекистана

Federation of


of Uzbekistan

Greetings! We have always been happy to establish the basic definitions of accounting, to declare advanced profitable standards in the field of finance, but today we are more pleased to present to the whole world our new official web page.

Find out what we have been working on lately, our strategies, qualifications and now you have the opportunity

to apply for courses offered by the

"Sultanova TA'LIM" Training Center online!

Now that's great, isn't it?

Grow with


Programs and Certificates

We are leaders among others in providing first-class financial education

covering most of the qualification standards. Whether you are in Uzbekistan or anywhere else in the world, we know how to train you so that you become the main specialist in the company.

Certified Public Accountant of Uzbekistan

Join professional and experienced organizations to become a certified accountant in Uzbekistan.

Certified International Professional Accountant Program

The opportunity to collaborate with international organizations, local and foreign enterprises in their accounting needs.

Eurasian Certified Institute of
Public Accountants

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), ethical standards and other international standards. Move to the next level of finance and accounting.


About Federation



The main purpose of the creation and activities of the Federation is to promote the development and status of the accountant profession, the introduction and use of international professional standards and professional ethics developed by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the International Council on Accounting Standards (IASB).

The Federation also has the following objectives:

  1. Association of Professional Accountants in a Professional Organization;

  2. Promotion of ethical standards of the profession;

  3. Promotion of international financial reporting standards (IFRS), international educational standards, international ethical standards and other international norms, as well as international programs for professional certification of specialists to improve the professional level in accounting;

  4. Collaboration with government bodies, international organizations, other local and foreign non-governmental non-profit organizations and enterprises on accounting issues;

  5. Promotion of professional knowledge and skills of members of the Federation;

  6. Representation and protection of the legitimate interests of members of the Federation in government bodies, international organizations and business entities.


The Federation operates throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Federation is a non-governmental non-profit organization in the form of a public association

About us

23 апреля













Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you  learned in school

/ Albert Einstein


Sultanova Talim Logo

Учебный Центр «Sultanova TA'LIM» - партнер Федерации бухгалтеров Узбекистана по образовательным программам приглашает на курсы бухгалтерского учета от А до Я от сертифицированных преподавателей Федерации бухгалтеров Узбекистана.

Наш слоган: Профессиональное развитие через образование!

Бухгалтерия Узбекистан

С такой профессией "Бухгалтер" человек сможет сделать хорошую карьеру – дорасти до главного бухгалтера или финансового директора организации на основе своей  собранности и усидчивости, ведь профессия связана с цифрами, расчетами и анализом. Многие специалисты в области бухучета сходятся во мнении, что их профессия не требует каких-то сверхъестественных способностей. Главное - чтобы она нравилась.

FBU Partner

С декабря 2020 года и учебный центр "Sultanova TA'LIM" успешно получил аккредитацию АССА на статус Зарегистрированного Партнера АССА.




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